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* The Amber Room of the Catherine Palace/AMBER ROOM
The Amber Room of the Catherine Palace.The only pre-war colour transparency. 1917. This web site will allow you to learn about the history, the present day news concerning this famous masterpiece.

Amber Museum in Lithuania. The museum has a wealth of amber pieces with trapped insects or plants, a collection of unique pieces of amber, and examples of fossilized tree resin brought from all over the world. The Palanga Amber Museum - Branch of the Lithuanian Art Museum - was established on August 3, 1963.

* AMBER MUSEUM in Kaliningrad
AMBER MUSEUM in Kaliningrad. Kaliningrad Amber Museum was established as the museum of one mineral. In its exposition amber is viewed in correlation of different sciences: palaeontology, mineralogy, geology, geography, archaeology, history, natural science. The aim of the museum – is to systemise natural scientific, historical and cultural, historical and art criticism knowledge  of amber.

* Amber Collector Garry Platt
This is the home page of Garry Platt. I am an amber collector living and working in the United Kingdom. I have been inspired and intrigued by amber and its unique qualities since childhood. I have studied amber in detail and read and collected most of the major and minor published works written in English relating to this gem.

* Natural History Museum UK
Amber, the fossilized resin of ancient trees, is remarkable for its ability to preserve prehistoric, organic material. A specimen that has been sitting in the Museum's collection for over 60 years was recently confirmed as being the world's oldest fossil insect.

* About Amber
About amber from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

* The World of Amber by Susie Ward Aber
A comprehensive website maintained by the Earth Science Department of Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas

*Amber general Information
Chemical Formula, propertiesa and much more.

* Classification of Amber
Classification of Amber

* Amber: the Jurassic gem
Dinosaurs have been more popular than ever since their starring role in the film Jurassic Park.

*The Amber Road
Our site is dedicated to amber, the “Gold of the North”. The fossile resine has fascinated people since ancient times and gave name to the most important link between Northern and Southern Central Europe, the Amber Road.

*Amber Trade and the Environment in the Kaliningrad Oblast
Amber is typically found not where it was formed, but where it was transported. In the past, Baltic amber tended to wash up on the shoreline after storms, mostly on the Samland (today's Kaliningrad) Peninsula.

*Amber: Arboreal Gold
What is amber? How to identify it, where to find it, and more... A fairly new web site written by Tammi L. Johnson of the University of Kentucky, for WebDoGS. An organisation which brings eduational as well as entertaining pages to the internet.